Do No Harm [EP]

by Redherrings

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Debut EP comprised of 5 tracks taken from 13 track demo of the same name, fully recorded and mastered at Haydns home studio in Sleaford.


released April 1, 2011



all rights reserved


Redherrings UK


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Track Name: Growing Down
Louder now, she walks in and I keep casual somehow
Though it’s nothing like that time you vowed
When our ears were to the ground, waiting for alarms to sound
You’d take us somewhere we feel proud; the lights are on and no-one out
Hard to please, it’s said you’ve got a bold sense of charity
But this was really news to me, ‘cos if I’d have known otherwise, I’d have swung the other side; A diamond from a piece of coal? Yeah, what you touch does turn to gold…

Absentee – You strayed away from everyone but me
Appreciate, I really do. But if anything I can’t get through the thought that if he can – I can too. These thoughts that I have won’t subside until the day we ‘meet’ arrives.
The snow, everything you asked for and more - but I won’t be, therefore
I don’t know anymore than you.
I don’t know anymore.

When we’re old, we’ll reap what was sewn, and those we love wont care no more.
Track Name: Catch and Release
Do you need someone to want you?
I know you wish you didn't care
Your reflection in the morning haunts you
It's why the kids never let you play
you take each night so lonely yet on the end of your phone they stay
held ready and ever willing, but theyre not who you dream of all day

You'll catch and release, fighting then leaving it be
and you will fall to your knees for anyone better looking

So there's noone now chasing your tail, your shallow heart struck out again
the worst part is never the knowing... its knowing that you'll never know when someone new takes the bait on your hook, while someone else steals your heart; you've never had intention of reeling them in and walking right back to the start
Track Name: My Friend
I got this friend of mine
She helps me pass the time
She takes the sting out of the bites
and cleans the dust out of my eyes.
I got this friend of mine
She sees me in a different light
She calls out everything i done wrong
and gives me reasons to atone

I have this friend you see
At first she didn't mean too much to me...
Now every night she drains me empty and I make her weak at the knees

I had this friend one time
i was solely hers she was mine
and what we had felt so right
but then one day she changed her mind
...and so my friend and I
are falling quietly into different lives
I try so hard to make her happy
I always fear that she might leave

Now my friend and me could only ever disagree
She used to wake me with a kiss on the cheek
and now we hardly ever speak

I had this friend once before...I didn't think that I could love her more
I used to be who she adored,
She isn't my friend no more
Track Name: Larger Stones
You can read my thoughts, and from this I am now taught too keep my longing to myself
Selfish I was once; taking all and giving none, there's something new I can become
Becoming all you need, metamorphoses of me (into something worth keeping)
As this is not working, never did, i'm withering

You know it's not time to go, though it was nice while it lasted
There's no need for you to go past it, is it best that you leave it alone?
You've thrown your largest stones, the number is on your phone
This feeling has gone cold

Tired of giving in, just as I thought I could win, reality kicked in and she held up her guard, so I played my highest card, and i'm edging my way to her heart

She said that it's time to go, i've lasted long enough
"I guess we lost the vote". it was the push prior to the shove
... and the jokers are perched on a sinking boat
and no-one will ever know.
Track Name: Foot Of The Avalanche
Made tame for the wrong sake.
Laid waste by all who took your blame.
Shake-shake away the specters, take names and write away the sorry letters.
And I caught you out, I'm colder for it now though.
I called you off, i'm brazen-faced and it won't go

It must be cold for those who don't have a warm memory
We've already missed the spring...
And i worry about these things.

Red knees from antipathy, broken mirrors, and ladders above me
They are all moving too fast, I'm here and I wanted this all to last.
And I caught you out, I'm colder for it now though.
I called you off, i'm brazen-faced and it won't go

It must be cold for those who don't have a warm memory
We've already missed the spring...
And i worry about these things.

And I walked across the foot of the avalanche and then I saw
a broken body protruding out beneath the branches...
But before I could scream, i felt something coming over me
A sadness so deep: it stopped my heart and plagued my dreams.
and it won't go.

It must be cold for those who don't have a warm memory
We've already missed the spring...
And i worry about these things.
Track Name: Malleable [Bonus Track]
When i'm believing everything that you say, it's evidence that I am Malleable
For you i'll learn languages and watch all your TV shows.
I listen to your music, and study all your preferences
I am fallible, so making mistakes is my 'thing' and for that i'm ever alone

Call it off, for I am done
and take it at my word, I'm not the one

Leave it all on common sense, infatuated, none-the-less, i will carry on and fool myself I have a chance, writing all the love letters in the form of song.
And making so obvious, purposely, that all these words are only about you
Pathetic i know all this is, and for you it's meaningless
There's nothing i can do

Call it off, for I am done
Take it at my word, i'm not the one

and take it at my word, i'm not the one